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Partnering with the Business and Industrial Sectors

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To support the professional development and application capabilities of students, HZWP has 18 on-campus practical training facilities and more than 160 off-campus practical training facilities established at corporations such as Xizi Elevator Group, the Wensli Group,the Alibaba Group, etc. The practical training facilities are critical support for the program development, teaching delivery and internship placement.At present, Wanxiang Polytechnic has 8 programs offered jointly with companies like Wanxiang Qianchao Company and Xizi Elevator Group.

HZWP, jointly established by Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and Wanxiang Group, was supported by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

HZWP signed an agreement with Wensli Group on establishment of practical training facilities on campus. With the supports of Wensli, HZWP student representatives won the First Group Award of “2012 International Trade Simulated Commodity Exhibition in Taiwan and Mainland” in Taiwan.

HZWP signed an agreement with Xixi National Wetland Park. HZWP students can use the resources of the wetland for various professional and practical training.

Mr. Wang Shuifu, President of XIZI United Holding Corporation made a presentation at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation public lecture in HZWP.

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