First season of Hangzhou Colleges and Universities Football League Held at Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic

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From November 8th to 12th, the first season of Hangzhou colleges and universities football league was held at Hangzhou Wanxinag Polytechnic. The football league is sponsored by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education, Hangzhou Sports Bureau, and organized by Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic. Hangzhou Normal University Qianjiang College, Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College, Hangzhou Polytechnic, Zhejiang Yuying College of Vocational Technology and Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic participated in the football match. The competition consists of teams of seven players. It was group round robin at the first round and elimination matches at the second round.

After fierce competition for five days, Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College and Hangzhou Wanxinag Polytechnic were awarded the Sports Ethic prize. Our college’s students Fu Chao, Wang Zhe together with other 8 football players were presented with the award of Ethics Sportman.

The football match effectively enhanced the relationship and friendship among Hangzhou colleges and universities. It further improved students’ health and enriched campus life.

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