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Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology

Main Courses


Vehicle Engine Mechanical System, Vehicle Chassis, Vehicle Electrical System, Vehicle Inspection & Diagnostic Techniques, Vehicle Engine Electronic Control System, Vehicle Chassis Electronic Control System, Vehicle Body Electronic Control System

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology: Serve in vehicle maintenance and repair enterprises, mainly engage in maintenance of medium and high grade vehicles, customer service, fittings management, etc.

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology (Automotive Shaping Technology): Serve as automotive shaping supervisor, automotive shaping trainer and automotive technical service consultant, mainly engage in automotive sheet metal repair processing, automotive painting and refinishing, automotive decoration and caring, automotive collision accident investigation and appraisal, etc.

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology (Automotive Technical Service and Marketing):Serve in automotive sales, maintenance and insurance companies, mainly engage in automotive sales and maintenance, second-hand car appraisal, automotive insurance claim, and automotive technical service consultation, etc.

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