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Student Development

HZWP makes every effort to advance the holistic development of students through a wide range of activities to cultivate and enhance the students¡¯ core competences and prepare them for real-world employment. These activities include the following:-

¡¤ Young Leader Development Program ¨C aims to improve team spirits, responsibility consciousness and leadership skills of students;

¡¤ Career Counseling Program ¨C intends to develop the caring and commitment of students;

¡¤ Community Service Program ¨C seeks to cultivate the students¡¯ sense of benevolence and social responsibilities;

¡¤ English Language Skills Enhancement Program ¨C aims to enhance not only language skills but also global perspectives of students.

HZWP students have ample opportunities to outreach their network with students of universities outside China, including USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

Many leading American Universities like Northwest University, University of Chicago, etc, have been using HZWP for summer programs of their students. Through the involvement in these summer programs, HZWP students have opportunities to mix with the American students and expand their horizons.

In addition, the Wanxiang Group has established the RMB100 million ¡° Wanxiang Education Fund¡± to support HZWP. With the support of the fund, HZWP has started in 2013 to send students to international conferences, carry out study tours and participate in summer programs in places like USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. to achieve the planned learning outcomes and enhance global perspectives.

In 2013, 40 students were funded fully to take part in the AG-SIM 5th International Youth Leaders¡¯ Summit 2013 in Singapore and the Junior Entrepreneurship training program in Hong Kong, The total duration was 2 weeks.

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